Would You Like a Professionally Landscaped Yard but Cannot Afford a Professional Garden Designer?

Think about your dream garden design style, what comes to mind? A perennial garden full of beautiful flowers?

Or is it a traditional Japanese garden serene & tranquil? Maybe a greenhouse full of orchids & houseplants?

Is that dream yard out of your reach because you cannot afford the services of  professional designer? Well things are about to change for you.

This site is full of plans of different styles of gardens, drawn by a professional designer with over 30 years of experience under his belt!

Whatever your dream garden is, you will find it here, and you can have any of them free!

How Can I Get a Professional Landscape Plan For My Yard?

All you have to do is find a design you like, you can download the file, print it and you are ready to build it yourself or hire a contractor to build it, or do a combination of both.

We give you 3 options to get your professional design;

1. Download your design for free. Choose your own plant list with this option.

2. Order the plan with a plant list chosen specifically for your area and receive our complete 4 page plan package!

3. Choose to use our designer to create a totally custom design for you.

The choice is yours!

Each page in this site highlights a different design style and will have a design you can download. There will be an order form in case you want to order the plan package or request a custom design.

What's New?

What Is this Site All About?

You will find descriptions of various landscape styles along with pictures to give you an idea of what the look & feel is of each particular style.

All of the design work is already professionally done for you! After you find a style that you like, you can download a free set of plans which you can then print and use to bid the work out or choose to do-it-yourself.

If you want to start off with the basic garden designs, click on 'Planning A Garden' where you will find topics such as; Basic Backyard Ideas, Patios, Climate Zones & more.

Several Garden Design Styles to Choose From...

From there you can explore a diverse range of literally dozens of landscape styles.

If you are interested in learning about the garden styles, I will teach you a little about each style so you understand more about why I place certain elements in certain places and sometimes I will include info on the plants that go with that style, etc.

If you don't want to know, or if you're not a "plant geek" like me, and just want the plan, then you can choose to go directly to the plan.

Or, if you are looking to build a water feature, garden pergola, or do landscape lighting, or other projects, we will have plans for those too.

I am constantly working to add more plans, so if I don't have what you want right now, check back from time to time and I may have added it.

How Do I Know What I Want For My Yard?

Landscaping is very visual, that is why the 3D software I use is so awesome!. I place a lot of virtual photos of the landscapes on this site so you can see what the different styles will look like when complete.

Its amazing how close these virtual photos end up looking like the finished landscape.

Now Relax and Have Fun!

Home Garden Design Plans is a website to bookmark & come back to time and time again. Feel free to study the plans and information on the different landscaping styles or just look at the pictures and dream a little, (or a lot!).

This site is still being built, we will be adding pages regularly so be sure to check back often to see what we have added recently.

So whether you are planning your next vacation to England or France to visit the beautiful gardens there, learning about organic gardening, or planning your new front entry garden, wherever your desires take you, we hope you will get a lot of enjoyment and information from our site.

I have done landscape design all of my life and I have a passion for it, and I would like to share that passion with you.

So, go get a fresh cup of coffee, (or cocktail!), sit in your favorite comfortable chair and enjoy your journey through this virtual library of garden designs, ideas and dream landscapes you can use to modify, update or completely transform your yard into something you can truly be proud of & enjoy.


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