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A Contemplative Rose Garden Plan

This Contemplative Rose Garden Plan is larger than the Old Fashioned Garden Plan I designed. It is a more complete rose garden, a garden getaway designed to be a destination for the visitor.

Again, I have combined David Austins with Floribundas, but this time added Romanticas, Rugosas and Climbers.

This is truly a rose lover's garden plan. The ideal location for this garden would be a corner of your yard that gets full sun all day or at the least a half day in the afternoon.

If you have less sun, you will need to do some research into Rose varieties that can do well in those conditions. There are quite a few to choose from.

Something that you could do that would help in less than ideal sun conditions would be to locate your garden close to a wall that would reflect the sun's heat.

Making This Plan Your Own

If you like the general layout of this rose garden plan but want to change the Rose varieties, please feel free to make this your own.

To download this plan, just put your cursor over the plan and right-click, then click 'print picture'. Do the same to print the legend.

It is drawn in 1/8" scale which means every 1/8"=1'. Make life easy and go to your local office suppy store and pick up a scale with 1/8" on it.

The beauty of this rose garden plan is you are free to change plants, enlarge the plan, shrink the plan...whatever you want. You could even dissect it & use only one half, whatever makes it work for you.

The general intent of this Contemplative Rose Garden Plan is you have an entrance, then walk down the DG path through the roses making you linger & appreciate the different colors and fragrances as you make your way to the bench at the end where you can enjoy a longer look at the beauty around you.

The backdrop for the bench is a wall of climbers, and an arbor. Now, I have flanked the arbor with 'The Fairy' tree roses, you could substitute a couple of climbers or Clematis to climb over the arbor, again, you're in charge.

The Rose Varieties I Chose for this Rose Garden Plan

I chose these varieties of roses for several reasons. As you can already tell, I love the David Austins.

They are low-care, which is the theme of my Rose gardens. They have a uniquely old fashioned look and an old fashioned fragrance, are durable and disease resistant.

Again, I include the floribundas for the same reasons, they are low maintenance, are rarely out of bloom, and have great fragrance.

I added a few of my favorites, 'Yves Piaget' which is so beautiful, it looks just like a peony! It is a Romantica Rose.

Included also is a Rugosa; 'Rosarie De L'Hay', an all time favorite, and climbers, all combine to create a truly old fashioned, Rose lover's garden.

Again, you might want to choose varieties where the blooms are in the same color family like hot colors, cool colors, or maybe all pinks & reds, purples & reds.

An all white garden can be stunning, it's all up to you, show your individuality in tailoring this Contemplative Rose Garden Plan to your own liking.

Where to get Unusual Roses

I will put a shortcut to the David Austin site where you can look through seemingly endless photos of gorgeous roses or you can request a catalog.

The floribundas and the other roses may be found at your local garden center, or through various mail order sources. I will put some of the more reliable ones here for you to refer to.

Read up on the descriptions to find out if the variety you like is suited to your local conditions. I am a big fan of books.

The best thing to do if you just are starting out and really aren't a seasoned veteran rosearian, get a great book on roses.

They can teach you a lot about basic requirements and ways to make your rose garden more prolific and healthy.

There are an overwhelming number of books out on the subject, I will be posting some of my favorites on this site.

The best thing I find is to choose one that is written in a way that I can easily read & comprehend what the author is saying, and, of course, I like a lot of pictures.

Look for a book that appeals to you, on most sites you can read a few pages to see if you can follow the author's style.

Some Last Thoughts on this Rose Garden Plan

My hope for you is that you will enjoy yourself, allow yourself to dream of the possibilities a little, and have fun with this Contemplative Rose Garden Plan.

All you have to do is right-click the garden plan with your mouse and copy. Print it and do the same for the legend.

Whether you make them your own by moving things around and substituting varieties, or you copy them totally in the form presented here, my hope is that you will learn and create something for yourself or your family that will be a source of enjoyment and beauty for a long time.

So dream a little, grab a cup of coffee, curl up in your favorite place. Buy a Rose book, peruse a few catalogs and bring to reality that rose garden you have been just dreaming of.

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