Low Maintenance, High Entertainment Value Backyard: Contemporary Swimming Pool Design

We present here, our Contemporary Swimming Pool Design. This design uses straight lines for a clean, contemporary look. This is a typical urban lot, rectangular and small, making use of every square inch is essential.

The swimming pool has a square spa in the rear with 2 spillways that add interest and water movement. Having the spillways situated on the front corners adds to the contemporary look of this pool.

Next to the spa is a Baja shelf that serves as an entry to the pool as well as an area for sunning while in a shallow area of water making you more comfortable. This is also a great area for playing with small children who are not quite ready for the big pool.

The raised bond beam along the back of the pool adds interest and gives a place for the 2 sheer descents creating a wonderful visual esperience and that waterfall sound that is
so soothing! 3 different sitting areas give this pool lots of potential for socializing.

Lots of hardscape make the best use of every square inch of this backyard. Including a Barbeque, firepit, metal overhead shade structure and seatwall, entertaining is truly a
pleasure here.

A small suburban lot...

The lot in the Contemporary Swimming Pool Design is a small typical suburban size rectangular lot, this pool is sized to fit in with little room to spare yet it does not appear crowded. There are 3-4 conversation areas that will allow you and your guests to socialize and not have to all crowd in one spot.

If yours is a larger lot, then you can enlarge both the size of the pool and the entertainment areas on each side as well as the landscaping behind the pool.

A raised bond beam along the back of the pool gives a boundary to the back of the pool and adds interest with the stair stepped design and sheer descents. We have placed pots of succulents for added greenery and with their modern look we have reinforced the contemporary feel.

Contemporary Swimming Pool Design Hardscape

The Contemporary Swimming Pool Design is packed with features that contribute to the high enjoyment level of this backyard. A built-in Barbeque with an L-shape affords generous counter space while still fitting into the small footprint afforded by this yard.

The grill is situated so the landscaping has room to create a green screen between the wall and the counter so the chef will not be staring at a stark wall.

A large firepit with an oversized top allows loungers to place their drinks and snacks within easy reach of the overstuffed outdoor furniture. This firepit uses a gas flame and crushed glass for a pleasant but not overheated atmosphere.

The unusual overhead structure is actually built of metal and powder coated for a weather-proof finish that will withstand the elements. The smooth metal finish reinforces the contemporary feel. The design again uses a series of squares and rectangles to tie in with the pool design.

A seat wall connects with the raised bond beam to create a seamless seating area that is perfect for those who do not wish to sit in the spa too long but still want to be close enough to participate in the conversation with those who do.

The paving is an oversized travertine paver set on an angle fooling the eye into thinking the area is larger than it is. The large size of the pavers also helps to accomplish this look. If your budget isn't quite up to this, a scored concrete patio can have a look that is almost just as nice.

Goals for the Landscaping

The goals for the Contemporary Swimming Pool Plan Landscaping here were mostly to afford privacy on such a small city lot. Tall narrow evergreens are planted along the walls in narrow planters. The planters are larger in the corners to allow for more plants to add their interest and to soften up all of the hardscape.

Clean is the first requirement when choosing plants for any landscaping near a pool. The wrong plants can turn a weekend planned for fun into a weekend spent cleaning the pool.
No Bueno!

Evergreens and succulents add interest with their varying foliage colors and textures giving this pool a nice backdrop and taking attention away from the fact that the rear wall is only 6' away from the pool wall.

How To Get Started

If you like this Contemporary Swimming Pool Design and would like to have the design, simply right click on the plan view and save to your computer. You can either print it yourself ( 8 1/2" x 11") or send the file to your local copy center and they can print it for you.

You can then take it to your pool builder and he will modify as necessary to fit your particular yard shape & size.

You can also order a Pool Plan Package from us that includes the Plan View with all dimensions and details called out. Our Package also includes a page with all of the materials listed for the pool.

Also available for this design is our 5 page Garden Plan Package. This includes the Plan View shown here along with a Plants and Materials List showing plants keyed to the plan that will do well in your area and a materials list showing what is used for the hardscape.
We include detailed images like you see on this page so you can see what the finished yard will look like. Planting instructions and tips for caring for the garden is included as well to ensure a successful yard you can be proud of long-term.

If this plan isn't quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out the other pool plan pages we have, we will be adding more to this site so be sure to check back often.