Intimate Container Garden for a Courtyard!

This Container Garden is in my step-Mom's courtyard. She had a nice little courtyard with windows looking in from her kitchen and living room, it was just begging for a great mix of plants to dress it up!

This plan is for a small garden made up entirely of containers. To add some interest and additional enjoyment, I have added a bench for lounging, a wall fountain to add movement and a nice sound to relax you. A two-tiered plant stand adds some additional interest and dimension to the garden.

How You Can Download This Plan

To download this plan, simply place your cursor over the plan image, right click and save to your computer. You can then print it, send to your local copy center for a large scale plan.

Then you can tweak it yourself to fit your particular space. You will need to decide what plants you will want, make sure they are ones that will grow and thrive in your area.

If that sounds like too much work, you can also order the plan with a plant list customized to your area. You will then only have to change the dimensions to fit your own particular space.

What's So Great About A Container Garden?

My step Mom needed a place of beauty and rest for her home, so I decided on a container garden because I knew it would be easy care, low maintenance, year-round interest and a place of beauty she would enjoy.

This garden is low maintenance because all of your plants are in small manageable pots. I installed a drip watering
system connected to a battery operated timer so you don't even have to think about watering.

Even the wall fountain, which adds motion, beauty and sound, is connected to a timer so it comes on automatically and turns off all by itself. The only maintenance is adding water when the level gets low.

The bench was a bargain at $125.00 found online and it was delivered the day we were installing the garden right to my step-Mom's door! About a half-hour later, it was assembled and ready to go.

We bought cushions ready made at the local home improvement store  along with a couple of colorful pillows and the bench looks like a designer custom made it for our space.

What Is The Secret To Great Looking Containers?

One secret to a great looking garden is to have interesting combinations of plants in your pots. think about colors of not only flowers but foliage also. You don't even have to have flowers to have an interesting looking pot that makes you look twice.

When combining plants think about leaf shapes, strappy, broadleaf, and also colors. Mixing different leaf types with different colors makes for an interesting container.

Look at this article from Southern Living Magazine for great ideas for some awesome plant combinations for pots.

Mixing the leaf colors with flowering plants having flower colors that compliment or contrast will make for pots that are not only
interesting to look at but keep your eyes entertained!

Last but not least, when picking out your pots, try to get creative with the styles and colors of your pots. A cobalt blue pot for example looks stunning with chartreuse leaves and pink flowers. Vary the styles of pots, keep the sizes of pots consistent with the eventual size of the plants going into them.

The Floor Beneath You

This particular courtyard has a concrete floor with brick ribbons but you can either plan your own on whatever floor you currently have or if you are starting from scratch, you have the option to choose whatever floor you want.

Depending on your budget, the choices are virtually endless. Pavers, brick, concrete, decomposed granite, wood deck, the possibilities go on and on. You can even combine different materials for a more interesting, durable surface.

Put It All Together

If you download this Courtyard Container Garden Plan, you will be on your way to a low-maintenance space that you can enjoy and share with friends that you can be proud of.

If you want to order this plan with a plant list customized to your particular area of the country, click on this link to take you to our order page. Then you will be on your way to having this garden for yourself to enjoy!

Open your windows and hear the fountain gurgling, take in the views of all the different containers with their different flowers
and leaf shapes and colors.

Sit and drink your morning coffee on the bench, taking in all the beauty around you. And know that you have the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

Or, like me, you can create this space for a loved one and give them the gift of a private space all their own to enjoy and take in without all the maintenance of an in-ground garden.

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