You Can Have Incredible Flower Gardens In Your Own Yard

We've all seen those beautiful Flower Gardens on the covers of gardening magazines that come out every Spring.

You lose yourself in the full color glossy photographs, thinking ...maybe I could have a yard that looks like that! But then you have that reality check and say, No Way!!

Actually, you can have a beautiful garden of your own, it's not as tricky or complicated as you may think. A few guidelines and a little imagination, and you'll be on your way.

My goal is not only to provide you with free downloadable plans you can use to have your own flower garden, but also to educate you so you have the tools to be successful in growing that garden.

You can visit spectacular gardens like one of my favorites, the incredible Buchart Gardens in British Columbia, Canada to get motivation and inspiration for the perspiration that lies ahead!

The Keys to Success Are...

The keys to success are;

  • #1-Soil Preparation
  • #2-Choosing the right plants for your site
  • #3-Proper Care, i.e.-feeding, weeding, etc.

Now, I think I just lost about half of you on that last statement. It doesn't have to take that much care, especially considering the rewards.

If you use your calendar to make notes on each weekend to spend a little time weeding and to make sure you have a regular feeding schedule, I think you will find that you will not be spending even half as much time as you feared and the garden will reward you with beauty that you can bring into your home and share with friends.

If you keep up on those housekeeping items weekly, they don't tend to become so overwhelming. You also should be realistic with the time you have to commit when considering the size of your flower bed.

Another consideration is not to get carried away with the size of the garden. If you don't want to spend a lot of time working this garden, then make sure to take that into consideration when deciding on how large a garden you build.

Small gardens can yield a lot of bounty and keep your home full of cut flowers or be a place of beauty in your yard even if it's not the size of a football field!

But, if you do have the time and inclination, by all means make the garden as large as you want. Just remember not to make it so big you will regret all the work it will require of you.

Types of Flower Gardens

When you think of flower gardens, different images come to mind. To some, it's a beautiful rose bed in full bloom, to others it's a perennial garden full of color. it could be a cottage garden like the ones you see in England, full of charm & romance, or it simply could be an old-fashioned annual border, to remind you of the ones you planted as a child.

A cutting garden is nice for a fresh supply of flowers for your home, located in the back or side yard, it is there anytime you want cut flowers and it adds a burst of color to your yard.

You may want to try planting a Butterfly Garden or a garden that attracts Birds so you can see your feathered friends up close and observe their unique behaviors.

There are gardens that have only a certain color palette such as cool colors or hot colors, you may like a garden of white flowers only.

Flower gardens don't always have to be of annuals, perennials or bulbs, many permanent shrubs are very colorful and don't require the upkeep that their smaller cousins do.

If you're looking for a Rose Garden Designs, click on this link, we've given those beauties their own page!

Each type of garden has its own set of ideas, designs and guidelines. If you click on the highlighted titles above, I will tell you a little about each and give you some ideas on how you can design your own or you can simply download the already designed flower garden designs and make them your own by adjusting them to fit your space.

Keep on Checking Back!

If I haven't got the garden plan you want right now keep checking back as I will be constantly updating and adding new plans for you to download.

So whether you're just dreaming on a chilly Winter's day, or ready to take the steps to really put in that flower border in your own yard this year, remember to have fun, read the suggestions, look at the pictures and let your mind be creative in envisioning your own beautiful flower border!

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