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We offer our Swimming Pool Plan Package so you may have a professionally designed pool at a fraction of the cost it would take to have a custom design. Custom designs start at $500.

You will receive all you need to have a professional install your dream pool and get the results pictured here. 

Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Package price: $99.95

Order our 4 page Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Package so you can install this beautiful garden in your own yard!

We customize the plant lists for different climatic zones so that you can have this garden especially for your own.

Use our secure online order form to order your package. We will email a PDF copy of your plans directly to you.

No matter where you live, your plans will have a list of plants listed with photos that will thrive in your area.

What Do I Get With My Plan Package?

  • With a 4 page swimming pool plan package, you will have all the tools you need for installing and maintaining your Swimming Pool and surrounding landscape.
  • After you sent the file to your local printing store like Staples, you will have full size 18" x 24" pages, you will have the Title Page with a large color 3-D rendering of the overview of the pool & garden.
  • On the Planting & Maintenance page, we give you complete information on not only how to install your garden but also how to maintain it after installation.
  • The Materials List page lists all of the plants needed for the design including quantities needed, recommended container sizes, and common & botanical names of the plants.
  • And of course, the professionally designed Plan page has a 2D plan view completely drawn to scale with the pool laid out to scale, all of the plants located, hardscape laid out, accessories located and anything else that would be needed to build this pool & garden.
  • A complete plant list with all plants are labeled on the design.
  • Each plant list shows whether the plant needs sun or shade so you know which to use for your particular area.
  • Full color photos of all plants listed.

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