Patio Design

Our Patio Design is a very functional backyard landscape design that serves its owners well. In this plan, we include everything you could ever want in a backyard for outdoor living!

We include a patio that wraps around from the back to the sideyard of this moderately sized home. We have located several elements far enough apart to create several conversation areas so when entertaining there is enough room so no one feels cramped.

Included in this patio plan are two overhead structures, a built-in BBQ island, a bar island that includes a beer tap, and a water feature that is seen from the dining room inside.

One of the nice things about this landscape plan is you can choose to include all of the built-ins or as few as you want. It's your plan so tailor it to your own tastes and budget!

You may also decide to use just the sideyard patio or just the
backyard patio,totally up to you how much or how little you use from this patio plan.

If you would like to see some inspirational photos of other professionally designed patios, check out this link, HGTV Patio Design Ideas, they have many photos of beautiful patios that you may also enjoy.

Features of the Sideyard

The lot on this plan has a slope on the sideyard that cut the useable space in half, so we expanded the usable space by constructing a retaining wall.

The resulting flat space gave the owners room to build an overhead shade structure to give them shade from the sun coming into the french doors in their dining room.

The patio in the sideyard was very rectangular so the overhead stretches in the opposite direction, taking away visually from the long thin look of the space.

A rock wall water feature is a beautiful sight from the french doors in the dining room, especially at night when the wall is lit up by the landscape lighting. The sound of the water spilling down the rockwork is very relaxing as it can be heard from inside the home.

The retaining wall is covered with stone making a natural, elegant backdrop for this patio. Plants in front of and above the wall soften the wall and cool all of the hardscape.

Outdoor Beer Bar

The outdoor beer bar is a unique feature of this patio plan. It includes a raised cantilevered bar that flows into a round table top supported by a pedestal with enough room for 6 barstools. A hole in the middle of the circular table is the perfect place for an umbrella to shade those who are sitting
at the table.

For the bartender we have dropped the elevation of the bar top for comfort and convenience. A built-in keg may hold 1-3 of your favorite brews. A nearby post mounted light fixture allows for nighttime entertaining.

A weatherproof big screen television mounted on the wall of the house invites more use of the bar on game days.

Main Patio Design

The main area of the patio plan is fairly typical spanning the back of the home. An overhead shade structure stretches only 3/4's of the house so sun worshipers can get their fill too. The overhead has a solid roof for maximum protection from the sun.

Ceiling fans mounted underneath make for a very comfortable experience whether you are laying on the lounge or sitting at the BBQ island. The whole patio is lighted so the enjoyment may be continued into the night.

BBQ Island

The BBQ island is always one of the most popular gathering places in the backyard and this one is no exception. An L-shaped island houses a 3-burner BBQ unit, refrigerator and sink and still has enough counter space for food prep.

A cantilevered bar top lets your guests have a space of their own so they don't interfere with your work space. With room for 4 bar stools, this island does not lack in entertainment space.

The exterior finish of this BBQ island is stone, the same as what we used on the Beer Bar and the retaining wall. This consistency of materials does not make it boring but serves to tie the opposite sides of this patio together. The counter top is slate tile that has been sealed, the color is a darker gray than the stone.

Patio Design

The patio as shown has an exposed aggregate finish. This finish is very economical as it is just a different way of finishing concrete which is the most economical material for a patio. The aggregate adds some texture which adds a safety factor to the concrete which alone can be slick when wet.

To add interest and break up the large expanse of concrete, we have added colored bands to the patio. These are plain colored concrete, finished with a trowel to a smooth finish.

What About the Landscaping?

The landscaping as designed is very tropical, designed for a more temperate climate. You can easily substitute plants that will make the patio design just as inviting, but will do well in your climate.

A free form lawn has more than enough space for the kids to play and kick around with their friends or the family dog. The ample planters all along the perimeter of the property provide an element of privacy and also help beautify the yard.

How Do I Make It Mine?

We offer this Patio Design to you to download for free, simply right click on the design image, click copy or save as and save to your computer. All you need to do then is to send to your local copy center, have them print at 400%, it should end up as a 24" x 18" image.

If you only want to use part of it, it is very easy to do, just cut and move it around until it fits your space. You can use just one side of the patio or both. You can choose to just use the designs for one of the structures or as many as you like.

If you would like to order our 4 page Patio Design Package which includes the same full sized plan, a plant list customized to your climate, a plant care and installation sheet,  and a title sheet which has a 3-D image of the finished landscape, simply click here and we will show you how.

So What Are You Waiting For? 

No matter what time of year it is, you can get started with this Patio Design. You will need to research local codes so you will know how to build the overhead structures  according to code. Then you can figure out your list of materials.

if you would rather leave this to a professional, you can start your search for a good contractor. Start with the BBB and look up license numbers on your state website to make sure they have a good history.

Always ask for a list of references and research them thoroughly. This may seem like a lot of work but it will save you much heartache later!

You can also customize this plan by changing up the materials to suit your own taste and personality. Different finishes will affect costs as well so be sure to take that into consideration when choosing your finishes.

I think you will be very happy with this patio and surrounding landscape, it is designed to be a great space for entertaining and just spending time with a few friends. So whether you are having an intimate evening for two or entertaining the whole family, this is the patio design for you.


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