Raised Bed - Front Yard Plan

Front view

Most raised bed designs are full of raised beds and not much else. This front yard has only a couple and shows how just a few of them can add so much to the overall look and interest of a front yard.

These beds are made of concrete block, you can cover them with stone, stucco, brick, the possibilities are endless. Try to match what is on the exterior of your home. If you don't, you may end up with a confusing mess that will not be pleasing to your eye or anyone else's.

This is the first plan to be produced with my new design software, I hope you like it.

Customize This Plan

You can totally customize this plan to match your home's lot. It's easier than you may think. If your lot is shallower, then just reduced the size of the planters along the sidewalk. Same goes for the width, if you need to reduce the width, just make the planters smaller.

If your lot is much smaller but you really would like this plan, then I would recommend you keep the planters at the
house as is and maybe eliminate the ones at the sidewalk altogether. That way you still get the look of the plan but only
sacrifice the planters at the sidewalk.

If your lot is significantly smaller but you like the look of the plan as it looks next to the house, I would say use the planters
at the house, and let the line of the turf swing into the sides of the property line. So to clarify, you would leave the planters at
the house as is and let the turf go all the way to the sidewalk in front and to the property lines on the sides.

How Do I Make This Plan Mine?

To download our plan, just move your cursor over the image and left click your mouse. Copy the image and then paste onto your computer wherever you want to save it. You can email to your local print store and then they can print it for you.

The plant palette is geared for a Pacific Northwest garden but you can use plants that are more suited for your area if you wish. Many of the plants will be good for several climate zones but best to either research them or ask your local garden center for suggestions for substitute plants.

Can I Build The Raised Beds Myself?

The BIG question is, can you build and install this yourself? Or do I have to have a professional do it? You absolutely can do this yourself if you have some construction skills and are fairly handy. Or if you are not too confident you can hire a licensed contractor to do the construction and do all the planting yourself.

You will save some cash and have the satisfaction of knowing you did some of the work yourself. You may also want to install an automatic sprinkler system as well to make your life easier. This would need to be done before the plants are installed unless you plan on having a drip system.

I hope you like my Raised Bed - Front Yard Plan, I think it will make a great looking front yard that the neighbors will envy. As
always, I appreciate your looking at my plan, I hope you can use this either as a whole, or that you can take some part of it
away and learn from it.

If you like my plans, please remember to tell your friends about my site.

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