Raised Garden Beds Plan 1: Tropical Getaway!

Most of us have dreamed at one time or another of a backyard that serves as a getaway from the stress and strains of our daily lives. This Raised Garden Beds Plan is the answer to that dream

This raised garden beds plan is overflowing with tropical plants that will make you feel like you are on vacation in Hawaii or some other South Pacific island.

The series of raised garden beds offers a lot of interest with the different leaf textures and levels  of plant viewing. The variety of finishes that are possible on the faces of the planters keeps the eye moving without appearing too busy.

A firepit and sitting wall serves as an entertainment space as well as additional seating area. A pergola along the back of the house is more than decorative as it serves to shade the back of the house from the late afternoon sun.

One of the best features of this plan is the hammock in the white sand beach under the pergola on the side of the yard. This is the ultimate retreat where you can relax and just
take a nap suspended over the beach sand surrounded by lush, tropical plants.

This plan is definitely low maintenance since there is no grass to mow, and trimming and upkeep are minimal. The large area of hardscape makes for little to do other than sweeping up the flowers that may fall. The area of hardscape makes this a great yard for entertaining as well.

The Plants Create the Mood

The plants really create a tropical mood in this plan. I have used a variety of leaf shapes and forms both large and small to create interest. The extensive use of Palms always suggest a tropical theme with their finely cut fronds.

Varying foliage colors add to the interest also. Many types of Palms are used in the higher raised garden beds, large plants are used in the secondary raised beds as accents and small plants used in the ground border the front of the planters.

Many flowering plants are used almost guaranteeing flowers most months of the year, depending on where you live. This plan is shown in the spring when the trees and most of the shrubs are blooming. Again, depending on where you live will affect greatly how and when the garden will be in bloom.

Plants Vary By Region

Due to varying climate and growing conditions across our continent, it would be impossible to list the plants for this Raised Garden Beds Plan that would work everywhere. You can, order a set of our plans that is customized for your region with a list of plants that will give you a similar look to these but will grow in your area.

Our 5 page Garden Design Plan Package includes the Plan View shown here along with a Plants and Materials List showing plants keyed to the plan that will do well in your area and a materials list showing what is used for the hardscape.
We include more detailed images like you see on this page so you can clearly see what the finished yard will look like. Planting instructions and tips on caring for your garden are included as well to ensure a successful yard you can be proud of long-term.

If you want to download this plan, you can right click the image and save to your computer then print on an 8 1/2" x 11" page. You can research plants that will do well in your area on the internet or talk to your local nurseryman.

The raised garden beds in this plan are all curving lines giving it a nice flow and casual feel. One of the highlights is a large Jacaranda tree in the center of yard. The tree is surrounded by colorful ground cover plants and a border of grasses
that keep a consistency throughout the plan.

Keeping this plan from appearing too busy but at the same time keeping it interesting, I have used a limited pallet of plants and repeated them across the yard. Repeated enough to tie it together but not so much as to make it boring.

I chose many of the plants for their fragrance as well as beauty, I love walking into a garden and being greeted by the smells of these flowers, it always reminds me of the tropics.

Raised Garden Beds - Tropical Getaway Conclusion

So there it is, we will also have another raised garden bed plan available that is more traditional with large landscape timbers forming varying heights of square and rectangular raised beds.

Whether you decide to build this yourself from this downloadable plan, or order our set of plans and install yourself or hire an installer, this will definitely be  the backyard of your dreams.

You will enjoy this yard for its many uses, entertaining, relaxing or enjoying time with your family and friends.