Raised Bed Plan...#1

Our first Raised Bed Plan gives you a garden that not only looks great but also gives back so much! The plantings in this plan will give you a bounty of vegetables for your table, fruit for your pleasure and cut flowers for your home!

This plan has multiple levels of gardening, all arranged in a simple rectangular design. Enter the garden through a welcoming arbor that rises out of a pair of matching raised beds, 12" tall each flanked by a pair of 6" high beds. 

What makes this garden interesting is the different levels. It keeps the eyes moving but also looks pleasing because there are only 3 different levels, enough to keep it interesting but not too many as to be overwhelming.

This plan is shown with wood planters and a floor of pavers but the possibilities of varied materials are endless! You can personalize this plan to make it your own by using materials that fit your own personal tastes. 

You could even use a combination of materials for the planters for even more variety. You can use one material like the wood for the rectangular planters and say concrete blocks for the square ones. 

There really is not a wrong way to go with this raised bed plan, it is all up to you! Make it your own, explore the possibilities by looking at your local home improvement store and searching out the blocks, bricks, timbers, and any other materials that appeal to you. Then you can make your decision.

You Can download the Raised Bed Plan #1

As with our other many plans, you can download this Raised Bed Plan for free to use for your own. To download, simply place your curser over the plan, right click and choose "copy". 

Paste onto your own computer, save and then you can either print it yourself or email to your local print store. It is a scale drawing meaning if you use the scale which is 1/8"=1', you can adapt it to a full size garden. When you print it the plan should be 8 1/2" x 11".

You can use a simple ruler or to make it easier on yourself, buy a scale at an office supply store. The scale will already have a 1/8 scale on it, all you have to do is place it on the plan and it will tell you what the conversion is, that is, how many feet are represented on the plan. 

The plan shows all of the raised beds exactly as they are arranged in the photos. You may choose to spread them farther apart, or to add a couple more. It is easy to personalize this plan in many ways. 

If you would like some pointers on building your raised beds, you might want to explore this link, building raised beds.

I also did not show the outside boundary, you can do that for yourself based on your own yard. You may choose to place one side of this plan against a wall of a house or a boundary fence.

This could even be the entry to your home! Use the arbor at the sidewalk and have your guests walk through your raised bed garden to get to the front door. I like that idea myself!

If your lot is small, you can eliminate a couple of beds and fit this easily into your own lot. Re-arrange them if you feel confidant enough, just remember to keep a balance of high, low and mid high beds to keep the look interesting.

Personalizing Your Raised Bed Garden

I'm including these photos to show different ways to personalize this raised bed plan. Notice the different materials used for the planters, and the floor.

We've already discussed what can be used, now you can see what they could look like. The possibilities are virtually endless. Just have fun, look at how the materials would look together, consider the costs of what you are looking at and then, go for it!!!

I'll leave you with these photos, I hope you have fun with this  raised bed plan whether you personalize the plan or just build it like in the photos. Have fun planning, building and then growing in your raised bed garden!

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