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An Old Fashioned Rose Garden Plan

I've designed an old fashioned rose garden plan for you that incorporates a full color range and uses mostly David Austin Roses, with a Floribunda, a Rugosa and a Romantica rose thrown in for that antique look without a lot of effort.

This plan is for a corner, 44' x 34', one that could be in an area of your yard next to the house or in the far corner of the yard acting as a "rose garden getaway". Just as long as the area gets at least a half day of sun, the more the better!

This rose garden plan has everything you need to create a beautiful corner in your yard, front or back. Accompanying them are some perennials that complete the antique rose garden look & feel. They also serve as a transition between the roses and whatever is in front of this bed, whether it is paving of some sort or grass.

The rose varieties I have chosen for this garden are not only beautiful, they will give you a colorful show that will last throughout the growing season along with wonderful old rose fragrance.

To download this free plan, just place your cursor over the plan and right-click, click on 'print picture' and away it goes.

If you would like to have the complete plan with the varieties of Roses and perennials I have designed, you can purchase our Rose Garden Plan Package complete with the list of plants, scale drawing of the plot, full color title sheet and our plant information sheet which has all the information you need to be able to prepare, plan and install your garden.

This is drawn in 1/8" scale meaning 1/8"=1 foot on the plan. To make it easier on you, go to your local office supply store and buy a scale which when on the 1/8" scale side will tell you exactly the measurements.

Versatility of this Plan

You do not have to use all the varieties I have chosen here, you can use the rose garden plan and substitute any or all of the plants with other varieties if you prefer. What you want to try to do is choose plants that are taller for the back of the bed, then transition or stair step the plants down to the shorter ones being in the front.

You may substitute the perennials as well. You may make this a color specific rose garden as well by using a limited color palette. By this I mean use only cool colors such as pinks, purples, blues, whites, lavender, etc.

This has a very pleasing effect to the eyes. Or you could do hot colors, even all one color like whites or pinks. Whatever colors you choose, your end result will be a beautiful rose garden you will enjoy for many, many years as the plants get better with time as they get established in the garden.

Old Fashioned Rose Varieties

I have chosen mostly David Austin Roses for this rose garden plan because they have an old fashioned rose appearance, most have an intoxicating fragrance, and the plants are handsome in bloom or out. I have been extremely pleased with mine and I recommend them highly.

They have a catalog you can order for free and it has many beautiful pictures with cultural requirements for each variety. I have made it very convenient for you to order one for free, just click on this link and it will take to the ordering page.

I have also chosen a Romantica rose, "Yves Piaget", which is one of my all time favorites. This rose looks more like a peony with a full cup of ruffled petals and a rich pink color.

Also included are Floribunda and Rugosa rose varieties. All are easy to grow and flower consistently throughout the season.

Where to Find Your Roses

I've mentioned earlier about bare root season being the best time to pick your roses, I like to order some mail order catalogs in the fall and spend time going over them as I plan my garden.

Mail order offers an infinite selection to choose from, anything from very old, rare roses to the newest David Austins, an almost unlimited rose selection is at your fingertips.

Your local garden center will usually have a good selection also, and you will be able to inspect the bushes before you purchase them. Look for plump, healthy canes, not ones that are shriveled or brown. You should also avoid any that have started to sprout leaves.

Either way, you do not have to plant these plants right away, just make sure to put them in your garage or basement or any dark, cool place until you are ready to plant them in your garden.Don't wait too long!

A Few Recommendations...

If you are new to rose growing or feel you need some advise with this rose garden plan, you can never have too many good books on the subject. I have recommended some here to start with, from ones that cover the basics to large volumes that have full color pictures of hundreds of varieties for the real rose lover.

One or more good books on rose growing are an invaluable resource. Also if you ordered the David Austin Rose catalog from the link above, they have some great information for you as well.

If you would like more information on roses and rose gardening, you can consult your local rose society, or visit a local public rose garden. The internet is probably the best place to start looking.

I hope you enjoy this old fashioned rose garden plan, whether you use it as is or change it more to your liking. Be sure to check out the other rose garden plan as well, it is for a larger space.

Even if you don't plant one of the gardens, you can learn about a few rose varieties you didn't know about before and maybe just add one or two to your garden.

Take advantage of the mail order catalogs also, they are a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the roses out there and purchase some truly unique and rare plants.

It's wonderful to be able to support these growers and their efforts to keep these rare, old and sometimes forgotten rose varieties from becoming extinct, in some cases these old plants have quite a history.

It is fun to tell your guests that the very rose variety that is in your garden was in Marie Antoinette's garden! If you would like some antique roses in your garden, they are worth researching, Do a Google search and you will be amazed at what you find.

Anyway, just have fun and enjoy planning your new rose garden!

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