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This Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design is a fairly large sized, formal swimming pool idea. This pool is situated in a rather large back yard with a view of the ocean.

Yours does not have to be quite so grand, I like to have fun with these, the actual property I designed this for was in the wine country in the Temecula Valley in California.

You do though, have to have some kind of grade change in order to do the infinity edge swimming pool. You have to have some sort of a drop off so the water has somewhere to go once it spills over the edge.
Because this yard has a view, I also raised the spa so you have a better vantage point to look at the view from.  It adds interest and the water flowing over has more distance to spill and makes more of a splash.

Order This Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Package for your own

1. To use our Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Design for free, simply right click your mouse on the design and click on copy. Paste to your own computer and then print on your own printer or send to your local copy center to have them print it for you.

2. You can order our Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Design Package that includes the 2D Plan with dimensions, a complete list of plants, full color title sheet and our plant information sheet which has all the information you need to be able to prepare, plan and install your pool

3. If you would like a fully Custom Designed Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Design Package  like this one but made just for you, then go to our order page and you can have a design created with details and plants picked out especially for you

The Infinity Edge - Swimming Pool Design Basics

This formal design has 2 rounded areas at opposite ends of the pool. One houses the entry steps and the other has a loveseat as an area to sit in.

The infinity edge swimming pool pictured here is 40 feet long by 20 feet wide, the spa is 8 feet by 8 feet. The cut out for the entry steps near the shallow end do not interfere with the swimming area of the main pool.

The love seat is situated in the cutout on the opposite end, this is designed so it does not take away from the swimming space, it also serves as an additional entry/exit point for the pool.

The Spa is raised so that the occupants get a better view and so the water spills farther into the pool creating a really pleasing water feature. The 8' x 8' size is ample for 6 adults to be comfortable. I have 2 spillways, you can have only one large one or even three small ones.

The edge/coping has 8 pilasters to break it up and add interest. I used them to break up the transition between the spa and the swimming pool and also to mark the edges of the infinity edge spillway. I have placed potted plants on them to add a little color.

The coping around the pool is custom cast concrete, this is actually measured to fit your pool, cast in sections, then brought out and installed at the right time during construction. The pilasters at the edges of the spillway go all the way down to the terrace below.

I have included 2 firebowls on top of these pilasters for a great dramatic effect. They will add excitement and drama as the fire reflects in the water in the pool. A raised catch basin is just the right height for sitting and offers a nice spot to cool off on.

The plaster is a pebble finish, this is a nice option but is more expensive than a standard plaster but it will pay for itself in that it will last longer and not require re-plastering.

Because the finish is darker, it will absorb the sunlight helping to heat the water, an additional advantage to colored interior finish.

Swimming Pool Ideas; The Surrounding Hardscape

The hardscape in this Swimming Pool Idea Infinity Edge Pool Design, is a little more complicated with this design than most.

Most of the expanse of decking is made of concrete pavers. since this is such a large area, I am adding poured in place concrete bands of a darker, complimentary color. Even if yours is a smaller space, this is a nice option so you don't have just an endless area of pavers.

The stone on all of the pilasters match and are a complimentary color to the greys of the rest of the hardscape. All of the pilasters are capped with the same concrete as the
coping around the pool for unity. The stucco finish on some of the walls match that of the residence.

Since the spa is raised up, I included a stepped up area around it, the edge of the pool steps up with the area. There is a terrace to enjoy the spillover and resulting water
feature that would be perfect for reading the morning paper
or having that evening cocktail with friends and enjoying the sunset as we see happening here in our screenshots.

The terrace is of the same pavers as the rest of the decking, columns have been added to support an open trellis for vines to grow on.

Behind the columns is an evergreen hedge
that creates privacy and a more intimate feeling. this would be my favorite spot to hang out after a day of swimming

Landscaping Softens the Hardscape

The landscaping in this swimming pool idea, Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design plays less of a role here as this is more of a yard for entertaining and low maintenance.

I have used many pots planted with colorful plants to add color and break up and soften all of the hard surfaces of the concrete.

The planters that surround the one edge of the pool and others are filled with an assortment of colorful blooming plants selected for their foliage and flowers.

Clean landscaping is a main concern for the landscaping here as I have said on all of my designs, I don't want the landscaping to turn this pool into a headache!

The landscaping plan with this plant palette is available in most areas due to the nature of the plants. You can plant this of course with just about any plants that please you but just keep in mind the amount of litter the plant produces.

I have used some evergreens, grasses and perennial color to give this design year round interest. Olive trees make a strong Mediterranean statement next to the house.

You Can Have This Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design

If you would like to use this swimming pool idea, Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Design for your own, you can right click on the pool plan above and save it to your computer, then you can either print it on your own, or send to your local copy center and have it printed. It should be 8 1/2" x 11" when printed.

You can then take it to your pool builder and he will modify to fit to your particular yard shape & size or you can do it yourself.

You can also order a 4 page Infinity Edge Swimming Pool Plan Package from us that includes the Plan View with all dimensions and details called out.

Our Package includes a page with all of the materials called out for the pool that any licensed pool installation contractor can use to install one for your own.

Also included in this design package is a Plants and Materials List showing plants keyed to the plan that will do well in your area and a materials list showing what is used for the hardscape.
We include detailed images like you see on this page so you can see what the finished yard will look like. Planting instructions and tips for caring for the garden is included as well to ensure a successful yard you can be proud of long-term.

If this plan isn't quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out the other pool plan pages we have, we will be adding more to this site so be sure to check back often.

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