Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design

This Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design is Mediterranean themed, average sized, formal pool design. The yard I have the pool in is sloped up in the back which allows for a raised bond beam at the back wall of the pool.

This adds a lot of dimension to the design and allows us to use the medallions on the back wall which have streams of water shooting into the pool. Basically this also acts as a retaining wall holding up the raised patio behind the pool.

The Pavillion behind the pool is a great spot to dry off and enjoy a cold drink and watch a game or just spend some time with friends while the kids get waterlogged. This Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design hopefully gives you many ideas you can use for your own pool design.

The Pool Design Basics

The pool pictured here is 25 feet long by 13 feet wide, the spa is 8 feet by 8 feet. There is a cut out for the entry steps near the shallow end so they do not interfere with the swimming area of the main pool.

The love seat is situated in the cutout on the end, this is designed so it does not take away from the swimming space, it also serves as an additional entry/exit point for the pool.

The spa is raised so that the water spills into the pool creating a really pleasing water feature. The 8' x 8' size is ample for 6 adults to be comfortable. I have 2 spillways, you can have only one large one or even three small ones.

The raised bond beam (the back wall of the pool) has 3 pilasters to break it up and add interest. I have used them
to place potted succulents on. since the Succulents don't need much water so getting irrigation to the pots is not necessary.

The coping around the pool in this Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design is poured in place textured concrete, a border around the concrete makes for a double band of color around the pool. I have used the same color
concrete for the caps so it all ties together.

3 medallions on the raised bond beam create a second water feature, you could use many other choices of decorative medallions or you can have sheer descents installed as well.

The plaster is a medium grey, this is a nice option and is more affordable than a pebble finish. Because the plaster is darker, it will absorb the sunlight helping to heat the water, an additional advantage to colored plaster.

The Surrounding Hardscape

The hardscape is part of what makes this Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design so attractive. The spa has a set of steps next to it that lead to the 2nd level. a seatwall that wraps around the spa creates a conversation area between those in the spa and those that do not wish to
soak as long.

The cap  on the seatwall is the same textured concrete as the coping to stay consistent and tie all the elements together. The pavillion roof is supported by 6 columns that have a stone base that matched those on the back of the swimming pool, spa and the seatwall.

A tile roof matches the roof of the main house, the underside of the roof is open rafters. Ceiling fans are mounted underneath to help keep the air circulating and makes everyone more comfortable.

A bar is built between two of the columns, a flat screen television is mounted to the back wall for those game days. A refrigerator and a sink make this outdoor living room
convenient and fun whether you are serving sodas to the kids or cold beers for the guys watching a football game after a swim.

The whole pavillion is tucked into the slope behind to make more room between it and the pool. This was accomplished by installing a retaining wall along the back. This created a
a perfect viewing level of the plants on the slope behind.

Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas:
Landscaping Creates the Mood!

The landscaping in this Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design is what creates the feel of Italy and Greece. This plant palette thrives in areas of hot, dry climates, they are drought tolerant and easy to care for.

The landscaping plan with this plant palette is only available in certain areas due to the nature of the plants. You can plant this of course with other plant types but you will sacrifice the Mediterranean look.

I have used some succulents, evergreens, grasses and perennial color to give this design year round interest. Olive trees make a strong Mediterranean statement.

Make This Your Swimming Pool

If you would like to use these Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design your own, you can right click on the pool plan above and save it to your computer, then you can either
print it on your own, or send to your local copy center and have it printed.

You can then take it to your pool builder and he will modify to fit to your particular yard shape & size.

You can also order a Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design Pool Plan Package from us that includes the Plan View with all dimensions and details called out. Our Package includes a page with all of the materials called out for the pool.

Also available for this design is our 5 page Garden Plan Package. This includes the Plan View shown here along with a Plants and Materials List showing plants keyed to the plan that will do well in your area and a materials list showing what is used for the hardscape.
We include detailed images like you see on this page so you can see what the finished yard will look like. Planting instructions and tips for caring for the garden is included as well to ensure a successful yard you can be proud of long-term.

We hope this Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas - Mediterranean Pool Design is what you are looking for or at least gives you many ideas from which you can work with your swimming pool contractor to come up with a design that works for you.

If this plan isn't quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out the other pool plan pages we have, we will be adding more to this site so be sure to check back often.