Xeriscape Landscape Plan

This is a front yard xeriscape landscape plan that you can download and send to your local printing center and have copies made. This plan is for a front yard in Southern California.

The trees add a lot of interest, especially in the spring when they bloom with bright yellow flowers that literally cover the tree. The dry streambed carries a common thread through the main planter with the rocks creating the illusion that it used to have water flowing in it.

There are enough different varieties of plants to add interest but not so many that it looks confusing and disjointed. Most of the plants bloom at varying times of the year adding color to the landsccape.

Of course, not many of you will have the exact same front yard as this one, but hopefully your lot is close enough to allow you to just tweak it here and there and make it fit.

To download, just place your cursor over the plan and push the right mouse button so a menu appears. Click the "save as" button and save it to your computer. You probably have a copy center close by, all you need to do is find out their email address so you can send a digital copy of the file for them to print. The finished print should be 24" x 18", then it will all be to scale.

You can also order our 5 page Garden Plan Package. This includes the Plan View shown here along with a Plants and Materials List showing plants keyed to the plan that will do well in your area and a materials list showing what is used for the hardscape.
We include detailed images like you see on this page so you can see what the finished yard will look like. Planting instructions and tips for caring for the garden is included as well to ensure a successful yard you can be proud of long-term.

If this plan isn't quite what you are looking for, then be sure to check out the other landscape design plan pages we have, we will be adding more to this site so be sure to check back often.

Hopefully you have learned something about Xeriscaping from this article, you may choose to just use this plant palette and create your own landscape plan