Asian Garden Design

Have you ever been on vacation or seen an Asian garden and wished you could have one in your own yard? It's not hard to do if you know how, and I will teach you some basics about the different styles of gardens in this category.

Then I will provide some designs for you to print out so you can build one yourself or hire a professional to install for you.

Most Asian gardens have several things in common, they tend to be very pleasing to the eye, and tend to make you relax just looking at them.

What a great way to come home after a stressful day at work? Can you imagine coming home to sit in your own Balinese gazebo with that special someone and sip your favorite wine?

I will present 6 different types of Asian themed garden designs here, Japanese, Chinese, Balinese, Tropical, Feng Shui and Zen. I'll teach you a little about each style so you will know why each has it's own look, and then you can decide which fits your wish list and lifestyle.

An Asian garden always use a natural approach to landscape design. I think it's one of the reasons they are so relaxing, because they follow simple design principles and are uncluttered and have a natural flow and beauty to them.

These designs will work in the backyard but you can also use them for a front yard landscape. I would just ask you to use caution in the front yard, if your home's exterior has a strong style like Spanish, Mediterranean or something like that, think out what that exterior would look like with one of these garden styles in front of it.

Styles of Asian Gardens

Japanese Garden Design

When you think of Japanese Gardens, different images come to mind. To some, it's a stone lantern set on a rock overlooking a beautiful pond, to others it is a traditional Tea Garden. A Japanese influence can be used to set an Asian tone to an otherwise
western garden.

Japanese Gardens have a reason for every element placed in it. It may be symbolizing something but everything has a purpose.

Everything needs to be natural, so if you think that lawn gnome would look great in your Japanese Garden, first ask yourself, are there lawn gnomes in nature? Well, I mean really? Then perhaps you can find a home for your little friend somewhere else.

I present a Japanese Garden plan here for you to download and use for yourself, it is a small garden that can be used in a side yard, back yard or courtyard.

There is also quite a bit of information about the Japanese garden style as well for you to familiarize yourself with so you can decide if this is the one for you.

Balinese Garden Design

Asian Gardens that are gaining popularity now is the Balinese Garden. These are amazing gardens that conjure up visions of a faraway land of great spiritual peace and serenity owed to Balinese Hinduism.

The use of water is a major component of a Balinese Garden. the Asian influence is felt strongly in these gardens, as nature rules these gardens. the Balinese Garden is a reflection of the lifestyle of Bali which is in harmony with the land.

This garden is a natural, tropical style, using the natural topography of the land. These gardens usually are centered around a natural water feature such as a pond or bathing pool and include a waterfall or fountains.

I will present a Balinese Garden Design that can be used for your backyard, you can download this and use as is or modify to make it work for your own space. I also teach you about Balinese style so you can understand a little about this garden.

Chinese Garden Design

Chinese Gardens are fairly unknown but nonetheless should be considered when deciding
which Asian gardens you may want for your own. Chinese gardens have evolved over
three thousand years and express the harmony between man and nature.

One principle of Chinese Gardens is that they are meant to be seen piece by piece, not all
at once. the garden is designed so the the visitor glimpses views of scenes of nature,
not everything, all at once.

Chinese Gardens also are filled with evidence of man's influence. Architecture of all
kinds fill the garden; temples, pavilions, bridges, towers all fill the garden, but never
compete with it but are in harmony with nature.

I will make available for you a Chinese Garden Design for downloading, along with, you
guessed it, information about this style of Asian Gardens for you to enjoy and learn.

Tropical Garden Design

Tropical Garden Design is one of my all time favorites of Asian gardens, I love to live with a yard that reminds me of paradise! I love to come home from a long day and relax in a yard where I can fool myself into thinking I'm somewhere in Hawaii or Fiji. We can always dream, right?

Tropical Garden design is replicating that feeling that you get when on a tropical isle, with beautiful flowers, colorful plants, flowering trees and intoxicating fragrances that drift through the air. All of these contribute to the look and feel of a tropical garden.

I have a Tropical Garden Design for you to download. I realize that if you live in a less than tropical climate, you will not be able to have this garden just the way you want.

But, if you do your homework and research plants that are available in your climate zone, you can still use the design to create a garden with a tropical influence that will make you crave a Pina Colada.

Zen & Feng Shui Garden Design

Last but not least, we will have a Feng Shui and a Zen Garden Plan. These have an Asian influence and definite rules to abide by, and the results are wonderful.

Zen is basically a type of Japanese Garden, adhearing to certain rules of its own, to create a natural garden that respects nature, and keeps the evidence of man's existence to a minimum.

Feng Shui is another style of Asian Garden Design, with a set of rules for where certain elements are placed and for the design as a whole.

Basically it revolves around the "Chi" or energy that flows thorugh your surroundings and the design or arrangement of elements of the garden and how they can influence that energy and the impact they have on your space.

I will have a Zen Garden design and a Feng Shui Garden design for you to download. Both are again, designs that you can use right as they are or you can pull them apart and use the basic bones of the design so you can adapt them to your particular space.

Asian Gardens - Conclusion

Each of these Asian Gardens has their own set of ideas, design and guidelines. If you click on the highlighted titles above, I will teach you a little about each style and give you some ideas on how you can design your own or you can simply download the already designed gardens and make them your own by adjusting them to fit your space.

Again, if you are serious about landscaping your space for the first time and are considering an Asian style design, or maybe you just like looking and learning, you are welcome to go through the pages I have presented here.

So, to get in the mood, heat yourself up a cup of hot green tea, or maybe your style is more like a bottle of Kirin or Tsingtao beer.

In either case, go through the designs I have here for you, and see which one makes you get that feeling of peace and contentment, then download the design and have fun imagining yourself living in that special place.