Container Garden Design 1

This potted garden is a beautiful combination of plants that differ in their foliage color and texture. That is the secret to the success of this pot.

The pot itself is fairly plain, it is more the plants that make this garden work.

The plants in this pot consist of the following;

Red Leaf Coleus (right rear)

Angelonia (left rear)

Black Heart Sweet Potato Vine (left front)

Rex Begonia (front mid left)

Mimulus cardinalis red (front lower right)

Alyssum white (center)


There are several varieties of some of these plants, feel free to be creative and not re-create this pot exactly, but make a version all your own.

You can put these in a taller pot also, I would use one that is at least 12" wide. Be sure to cover the drainage holes loosely and use fresh potting soil. Most of all, have fun and be creative! 


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