Container Gardening Design #2

These simple, easy to create pots are beautiful and would add a touch of class to any yard or patio. The subtle combination of colors and textures make for a potted garden that is so understated and yet so interesting and full of beauty.

The combination of plants of different foliage colors and types is what makes this container gardening design work.

You can make your own using some of our basic rules. Every plant in this pot is a different variety, different leaf shape and size, and a different color.

The use of the Purple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum rubrum) in the center for height gives the pot it's backbone.

The plants surrounding it are; Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia), Licorice Plant (Helichrysum), and Nepeta (Glechoma).

You can use these and duplicate this design or if you want to make it your own, try another grass that gets 2'-3' tall in the center.

Use ground cover plants to spill over the sides that have interesting foliage color and texture.

I would use a 1 gallon plant for the center and use ground cover plants from a 4" size, they grow fast and will spill over the sides of the pot in no time.  

This photo illustrates a basic principle about putting together a potted garden that pleases the eye. Try to repeat the colors of one plant in another.

Take this photo, the red Impatien echos the red in the Coleus leaf. If you planted Creeping Jenny, it would repeat the light green of the Coleus leaf.

Whether it is a flower or colors in a leaf, try to repeat the colors in other plants in the pot.

The other element I have not mentioned yet is the pot itself. Try to pick out one that is complementary to the plants you plan on planting in it.

So, as I always say, make sure you have fun with this container gardening design, don't worry about others liking it, just make sure you like it and it brings you pleasure.

Try colors that you like, and try to  limit the number of colors you have in each pot.

Too many colors make the pots too busy and look disjointed. Other than that, just enjoy it and you will end up with a wonderful container garden.

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