Edible Landscaping, New Herb & Vegetable Gardens For The Front Yard?

Combining ornamental & edible landscaping is gaining popularity as edible gardens are coming out of the backyard and into the front. The days of putting the family vegetable garden behind the garage are over!

I will present on these pages a home vegetable garden plan, an herb garden plan, an organic garden plan and a fruit tree garden plan.

Like the rest of my site, you can download the plans and print them for your own use or just use the reference material to plan your own garden.

I will educate you a little, (only if you want to), about the different edible gardens. If you want more information, I will recommend reading material that will give you all the reference material you will need.

In case you can't tell yet, I am a book freak! I learned most of what I know from reading books, even from an early age.

And I will pour over a good horticultural reference book for a long time...I know, I'm wierd.

If you are interested in learning more like me but don't have a ton of time, I will recommend books that present material in a clear, concise way so you don't have to dedicate a lot of time to reading about your favorite plants.

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The New Edible Landscaping

There has been a effort in the last 30 or so years to give the classic vegetable garden a face-lift by emphasizing the beauty of edibles, to bring them up to the status of ornamentals.

With the shift in thinking towards more natural gardening lately, this is quickly becoming very popular.

There is a great deal of not only practicality and satisfaction in growing your own food, but if you choose heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables with interesting colors & textures, you can bring incredible beauty to your ornamental garden.

I've always looked forward to the summer because of the fresh tomatoes, peppers, squash and other treats waiting for me in my garden.

But, as a landscaper, I am guilty of finding a place for planting this garden where no one will ever see it.

But, thanks to a recent lecture I attended by , Rosalind Creasy who advocates and is an expert in the ornamental edible landscape approach, I am seeing the herb & vegetable garden in a whole new light.

To taste fruits, herbs & vegetables you have grown yourself, gives you such a sense of pride & satisfaction. But, to be able to grow it as part of a beautiful flower garden really gives you something to be proud of.

I have included a few designs here for a basic herb garden and a vegetable gardens plan. I haven't forgotten fruit trees which themselves are so colorful with their blooms in the Spring and fruit in the Summer, they are perfect for our edible ornamental gardens.

Check out my Fruit Tree Garden Plan for a garden that will knock your socks off! This garden is the ultimate for gardeners and folks who just flat out enjoy their gardens and spending time outdoors.

Just about everything is edible and it is such a fun space with paths leading all over the garden, a deck off of the house and a little gazebo getaway space in the corner with the best view of the garden ever.

Edible Landscaping - Conclusion

I don't know about you, but my mouth is watering just thinking about that fresh salsa made with my home grown tomatoes, peppers & cilantro. MMMMM!

Take a look around the highlighted words, go through and click each one, there is a lot of good information here for you.

Give an ornamental edible landscape a try! I think you'll really love it. You will think again about herb and vegetable gardens being something to hide.

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