Greenhouse Gardening; Fun, Endless Opportunities, Discovery!

For the true gardener, a greenhouse is a place of magic. Greenhouse gardening enables you to grow plants you can't grow outside or grow them during the cold, winter months or, get a head start on your summer garden by starting your transplants by seed early.

The possibilities are endless when considering what type of greenhouse to have, you are basically only limited by two things; your available space, and your budget.

You can start small and simple like a window greenhouse or go with a small kit for a freestanding model or, you can go as large and elaborate as a beautiful large, garden room that attaches to your home.

You are only limited by your budget and time you have to devote to your greenhouse. When planning how large you would like your to be, go as large as space & budget will allow.

This way you don't run out of space to grow everything on your wish list. It doesn't hurt to have some of it empty for a year or two while you slowly stock it up.

The construction materials you use is dictated largely by your budget. Metal frame construction is more costly than wood but it will last a lot longer. Wood is easier to build and cheaper.

To cover all aspects of greenhouse gardening would be too broad for this site, but in keeping with the overall theme of this site, we will cover for you plans for various greenhouse setups, and information on the different gardening possibilities that the hothouse presents.

Greenhouse Orchid Growing

We discuss growing orchids with basic information on the common types, grouping them into types that like the same conditions (warm house or cool), as well as their growing requirements that are not as hard as you might think they are.

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You can grow exotic plants with beautiful leaves and flowers and bring them into your home to enjoy while in bloom. When they are done blooming you can just put them back into the greenhouse until the next time they bloom.

I have an entire page dedicated to Orchid Growing with or without a greenhouse. See how easy it is to grow them in your home and many more possibilities with a greenhouse.

I used to have a green house my Dad built for me and I raised Orchids in it. At one time I had over 100 different varieties of Orchids! I was in love.

Part of the fun of Greenhouse Gardening is collecting different varieties of plants. I love the anticipation of waiting for that rare plant that I ordered over the internet.

The collector in me comes out, just about any plant is available on the net, what a great thing to collect, it just grows and gets bigger over time. You may want to join a collectors club and trade cuttings with other enthusiasts.

Start Your Annuals & Vegetables Early...

You can also start summer annuals and vegetables from seed in early spring to get a head start on your summer flower border.

Or start your Chrysanthemums from seed early enough to be able to set them out in the fall just when they break into full bloom.

You can propagate some of your plants and experiment with cuttings and divisions to increase your plant collection.

Or you could raise cuttings given to you from a friend who has that rare plant you're just dying to get your hands on.

Kids love to learn to propagate plants by seeds or cuttings. A man at a local garden center showed me how to take a stem cutting of a Rex Begonia plant when I was young and let me take it home and raise it. That was the start of a very long lasting love for horticulture and landscaping for me.

Whatever your particular interest in greenhouse gardening, we will try to cover it here with information and photos to show you the endless possibilities that exist.

We will have plans to construct a simple greenhouse yourself. A modest investment and a few weekends and you can have yourself a wonderful place to spend time experimenting with plants.

If you want to start out small, you can start with one of the window models and see how you do. But if you truly love gardening, you should not be without one, large or small.

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