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Herb Garden Landscape Plan Order Page

Herb Garden Design Package price: $49.95

Additional sets are only $10.00

Order our 4 page Herb Garden Landscape Design Package so you can install this beautiful garden in your own yard! We customize the sets of plans for different climatic zones so that you can have this garden especially for your own.

Use our secure online order form to order your package. We will ship your set of plans directly to you.

No matter where you live, we will ship a set of plans tailored to your climatic region with plants selected that will thrive in your area.

What Do I Get With My Plan Package?

With a 4 page landscape plan package, you will have all the tools you need for installing and maintaining your Herb Garden.

On full size 18" x 24" pages, you will have the Title Page with a large color 3D rendering of the overview of the garden.

On the Planting & Maintenance page, we give you complete information on not only how to install your garden but also how to maintain it after installation.

The Materials List page lists all of the plants needed for the design including quantities needed, container sizes, and common & botanical names of the plants.

And of course, the Plan page has a full 1/8" scale plan view with all of the plants located, hardscape laid out, accessories located and anything else that would be needed to build this garden.

Secure Online Ordering!

We accept credit cards and Paypal for your convenience and online ordering security. We ask for your name, address and email address for the most effective and timely method to contact you.

We offer free shipping via US Postal Ground Delivery, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery to most locations.

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Herb Garden Plan Package

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Our Exchange Policy

Because we produce and ship plans in response to customer requests, we cannot honor requests for refunds. You may however, exchange one set of plans for another set of landscape plans.

All exchanges carry an additional fee of $15.00 plus an additional fee of $10.00 for postage & handling for surface mail, $20.00 for priority mail. Plans must be in the exact same condition as when received.

How Many Sets of Plans Do I Need?

To study your favorite landscape plan or make alterations to the plan to fit your site, one set is likely all you need. On the other hand, if you plan to install the landscape yourself using subcontractors or have a landscape contractor do the work for you, you will probably need more sets.

Because you save money on the additional sets, you should consider ordering additional sets all at the same time. Use the checklist below to estimate the number of sets needed.

Landscape Plan Worksheet:

___  Owner

___   Landscape Contractor or Subcontractor

___   Nursery or Plant Materials Supplier

___   Building Materials Supplier

___   HOA (most times require 3 sets)

___   City or County Planning Dept

___   Total Number of Sets

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