Tropical OUTDOOR ROOM Plan

I'm sure you have heard of Outdoor Rooms but do you really know what one is? They are the biggest thing to come to landscaping in a long time. Outdoor Rooms is a name for creating a landscape that provides a floor, walls, ceiling and furniture.

Check out this page to read about the father of the modern outdoor room, Jamie Durie. You may recognize his name since he had a very successful run on HGTV. Check out his website here, and prepare to be inspired!

The difference between this kind of room and one inside your home is the floor,walls & ceiling are typically made of plant or other natural material.

The floors can be of pavers, concrete,decomposed granite, grass, even a ground cover type plant.

Walls can be hedges, trees, shrubs, trellis' covered with vines, etc. The ceiling maybe the canopy of a tree, a vine covered overhead structure, or a wood overhead structure, such as an arbor,the possibilities are endless and there are no wrong choices.

Always remember, this is your garden, it has to fit your personality.

An Outdoor Room should beckon you to spend time relaxing in the backyard, it should be a place where you desire to catch up with a special friend, or maybe have an intimate dinner party lit with only candles and your favorite music playing softly in the background, or just a place to curl up with a good book.

As you can tell, I like to romanticize the outdoor room. I have spent many a night, enjoying a special meal with friends in mine, before we know it, the hours have flown by and we don't want it to end, because the atmosphere is so great, it encourages long talks, fun stories and sometimes, deep conversations.

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Some Details of This Room

I have featured a tropical garden, situated on a small residential lot, with a slope along about 2/3 of the back wall. This is actually a real lot.

I chose this to show how you can have a great garden even if you have a small lot. Sometimes I even prefer smaller lots as you can keep it much more cozy and intimate.

The features of this plan are lush, tropical landscaping, a built-in table with seating for 6 people on a black paver patio with open overhead structure, a deck with built-in seating and palapas umbrella, lush plantings and a small lawn area.

It all combines for a very intimate, cozy, island inspired feel. You will want to escape to this outdoor room often!

The only walkways consist of exposed aggregate round stepping stones of varying sizes leading from the back door beside the deck and ending up at the BBQ.

Small strappy plants and ferns are tucked in here and there between the stones for a more natural feel and to soften the concrete look.

Some Thoughts About Plants...

The clumping Bamboo adds height and a feel of the Orient and lush Palm trees of several varieties being the look of a tropical jungle and make the space feel larger.

A large Jacaranda tree adds color and interest to the whole composition. Birds of Paradise,Nandina, Agapanthus, ferns & variegated strap plants contribute color and variety to keep things lively.

A very lush and tropical look will make you feel like you're on vacation at your favorite island getaway.

To get your own free copy of this landscape plan, just place your cursor over the plan and right click, click on copy and save to your computer. You can normally send the file to your local copy center to print, it should be an 18" x 24" print, it will be in 1/8"=1 foot scale.

With this plan you can choose to do the installation yourself, or hire a licensed professional contractor to install it for you. Do as little or as much as you like. Also feel free to modify the plan to your liking.

If your lot is larger, take and grow it to fit your yard. Use your imagination to make it fit. Choose to enlarge the planters or maybe you would like to have a larger grass area. Make it your own!

So, put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt, make a Mai Tai or Pina Colada, turn on the Jimmy Buffett music station and let yourself go, dreaming about having your own Tropical Outdoor Room in your own backyard!

Just imagine escaping to your own tropical hideaway after a hard day at work, or hosting a small dinner party.

Please take advantage of this free landscape plan and download it, send to your local copy center, print it and get started installing your own Tropical Outdoor Room.

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