Tropical Garden Design

Have you ever imagined your own tropical backyard paradise? This tropical garden design includes that very thing. Imagine if you will, coming home after a hard day at work to a swimming pool complete with a raised spa with spillway into the pool and rock waterfall and lush, tropical plants.

There is a patio with an overhead structure to give you shade, a BBQ island complete with a sit-up bar so you can serve food and drinks to your guests while you cook up a great meal under 2 Palapas umbrellas. Enjoy the light at night from the strings of lights that hang from the umbrellas.

After dinner on your new patio, take your tropical cocktails to the seatwall next to the spa with your friends and enjoy warming yourself by a fire in the firepit. If you choose, slip into the spa since it is close by and still enjoy your conversation with your friends.

This tropical garden design includes a tropical swimming pool with rock waterfall. The design is basic, you can take this pool and tailor it to your own backyard.

There are several aspects to this design, you may choose to include one or all of the components in your own backyard. You can also move the different components around to make them fit your own yard in a pleasing way.

Tropical Swimming Pool Hardscape Plan which is a design that shows all the concrete and structural components. I have added construction details so you can either choose to build the structures yourself or hire a licnsed contractor. Again, you or your contractor may custom tailor the designs to make them fit your yard.

Make sure you check local codes if your are going to build it yourself and see if you need permits for anything. This is a concept plan and it's intent is to suggest structures and a layout of the yard so you may build these to local code.

If you are going to build the pool, you will need to find a reputable contractor, be sure to check out their reputation in the industry and in the neighborhood. your time will be well spent. while you're at it, make sure to check your local BBB for recommendations as well.

The overall design of the pool and the details in the landscaping are what give this tropical garden design its tropical flair. the old saying "It's all in the details" is very true to give you the tropical feel of this swimming pool plan.

I have called out plants for a tropical San Diego California climate. The Tropical Garden Design Planting Plan has all the plants called out so you can see what plants I have chosen for this project.

If you live in a less than tropical climate, don't worry, go to your local garden center, they should be able to help you choose substitute plants that will still give you the tropical feel that this tropical garden design is all about.

Just so you make sure that you substitute a tree for a tree and a screening shrub for a like shrub. There are a lot of plants available in every climate that will still give you that tropical feel.

Keep in mind if you will be installing the pool, that you want to plant trees and shrubs that are clean, meaning they do not drop a lot of leaves that will end up in the pool and spa.

So what are you waiting for? Just right click on the designs to download, print them out and start to dream a little as you imagine your new backyard retreat. Use a little imagination as you tailor the plans to your own site.

So that's it for the Tropical Garden Design, I hope you enjoy it and even if you only use a small portion of the design, you will have improved your yard and will get that much closer to a tropical island retreat in your own backyard.

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