Tropical Swimming Pool Plan Hardscape Plan

This is the first step towards making the Tropical Swimming Pool Plan a reality in your own backyard. This is what is called a Hardscape Plan, it has details of the structural elements of the landscape.

If you are planning on building the hardscape yourself, then you first need to check with your local city planning dept to find out what codes you will have to abide by in building the elements and what if any permits you will need.

Just place your cursor over the plan and right click it to download to your computer. If you print as the original size, 11 x 17, it will be in 1/8" scale, meaning, every 1/8" = 1 foot.

If you like, you can usually email it to your local print & copy center and they will print it for you.

If you decide to hire a contractor, he will know how to proceed with the plan. Use it as a starting point for you or your contractor to add their own creative flair to.

Most of all, have fun and create your own vision of your ultimate Tropical Swimming Pool Plan.