Tropical Swimming Pool Planting Plan

Here I present the planting plan for the Tropical Swimming Pool Plan. This plan locates the plants that make the whole scene look tropical.

The plants can make or break the landscape depending on which plants are used, placement of the plants, and the size and quality of the plants. Make sure you keep these thoughts in mind when you start to consider this part of the landscape.

The plants chosen are for a San Diego, CA climate, so if you are in a less than temperate area, you will have to consult your local garden center for their suggestions for substitutions for the plants.

Feel free to take liberties with this plan, maybe you have some favorite tropical plants you would like to use, please do so. Just try to keep in mind the prupose for the plant, like screening, accent, height, ground cover, etc.

Substitute with a like plant. then you will retain the integrity of the plan but with different plant. and as i mentioned before, if you are going to have the pool, keep in mind that dropping leaces will end up in the pool.

Well, that's it, just put your cursor over the drawing and right click the mouse and either save it to your computer for future use or just hit print. Print it out on 11 x 17 paper and it will retain it's 1/8" = 1 foot scale.

Thanks for looking at our Tropical Swimmiing Pool Plan, and be sure to check out our other landscape plans.